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Profanity in Advertising — What the @#$! do we care?

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Profanity in advertising—is it REALLY needed in order to stand out in the all the marketing clutter? Are we becoming immune to it? A recent article on Talentzoo puts it this way:

…times change, and we’re slowly breaking down our cultural norms and resistance to expletives.

Consider the following ads:

For as long as I can remember, racy and even questionable advertising has been around — and to be honest, I’ve become desensitized. Do these ads bother me personally? Sadly, no. Most crack me up and are pretty clever. I remember them. I talk about them with my friends and co-workers. They’re driving word of mouth. They’re doing their job.

But I’m not a big fan of children viewing ads alluding to profanity and learning that swearing is not only acceptable but funny.  The middle school bus is already one big f-bomb on wheels.

Is this type of advertising crossing the line?

What do you think?

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