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Register for the Marketing Management Certificate at UW

By July 10, 2014December 11th, 2020No Comments

Hard to believe I’ve been involved with the UW Marketing Management evening program for nearly 20 years. The course has evolved to keep up with the times, but the rhythm is the same as it was when I instructed IMC there from 1998-2002: The first quarter is all about getting to know the customer; the second about communicating with the customer; and the final term is a practicum.

Register for the free webinar this Tuesday, July 15 at noon, or attend the Info Session on August 13. 

Here’s a description:     

Explore how to better understand market needs and how to communicate with customers in a systematic and integrated way using the Web, social media, email, direct mail, public relations and other messaging tools. Discover techniques for creating more effective promotional campaigns. Examine marketing strategies, and learn how to drive significant and sustainable sales growth.

Who should apply:

  • Marketing specialists and sales professionals seeking a broader foundation in marketing
  • Marketing managers of small businesses or organizations
  • Individuals new to marketing, advertising or public relations who want some formal training in the field
  • Professionals with some business experience looking to enter the marketing field

Click here to learn more or apply.

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