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Creative Summer

The dangers of context switching #CreativeSummer15

By September 13, 2015January 29th, 2021No Comments

We’ve all been there. Too many projects, too little time. Thinking “Oh! If I get this 50% done and the other one 50% done this week I’ll be able to wrap it all up the next week, right?”


The myth of multi-tasking is exactly that, a myth. But where did this originate? Some would say the advent of computers and their super high-speed multi-tasking capabilities rubbed off on us. “We need to be like them! efficient! speedy! robotic!”. Bryan Braun features this logic in his blog post¬†where he displays a powerful image of a computer’s brain vs. a human one.



Face it. Our brains are not like a computers and the way in which we structure and organize information is vastly different. This comes down to a simple conclusion:






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