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Twittering for good and The History of Evil

By June 19, 2008November 5th, 20215 Comments

As I’ve been preparing my presentation for PodCamp Seattle regarding how social media can be used to help create social good, I decided to use social media to reach out and find some great examples.

First, I posted a request through Twitter (follow me) and received a couple of good ideas. Then I realized it might make sense to reach out two people that care and have a lot more Twitter followers than me: Guy Kawasaki (follow Guy) and Chris Brogan (follow Chris).

They were kind enough to post a request for ideas to thousands of their followers, and voila! I received a boat load of responses immediately—good stuff I’ll be able to use to make my presentation better.

I also made some new Twitter friends along the way, like Tan Siok Siok, an award-winning filmmaker and educator (follow Siok Siok).

Check out the trailer for her new documentary regarding the Beijing Olympics, Boomtown Beijing.

On her blog, I discovered the following video:

I was struck by its creative execution and simplicity—and surprised to learn it was created by a student. It has been viewed 1.2 million times in four months. Fascinating, and worth your time.

When I decided to look for examples for my speech using social media, I expected to get what I was looking for and move on. But I got more than that—I received goodwill, gained inspiration and made some new friends along the way.

And that, unto itself, is social good gained from social media.

Have you seen social media used to create social good?

Comment below to share.

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