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Uninspired? Change your space #CreativeSummer15

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Tired of trying to get creative sitting in your same ol’ desk chair, with your same ol’ view (or lack thereof), with your same ol’ (wonderful) coworkers?

Maybe it’s time to consider trying out a coworking space to get your creative juices flowing again.

Currently in Chicago, recently launched Deskpass is a new app which allows you to reserve a coworking space for a membership fee of $200 a month.

Companies such as Leo Burnett, boasting a traditional workspace, is allowing their design department to utilize Deskpass so they can get inspired outside their everyday office environment.

This is different from a traditional coworking space because it allows for quick transactions – no long-term contracts -and provides the app for easy search and reservations.

And with an upward trend of self-employed workers, expect to see this app created for additional cities.




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