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Viral video: A little mystery goes a long way

By May 8, 2008January 21st, 2022No Comments

In the last week, the above video has been viewed 444,117 times on YouTube.

Question is, what is it?

I did some sleuthing for you.

If you go to the video’s YouTube page, you would find a link that takes you to a splash page:

Click on the splash page and you’ll find another page with the video on it, and the following copy:

My friends, my name is Papi. Viva Chihuahuas. We have been dressed in sweaters and carried in purses. I say no mas! I am tired of the jokes about our size. Will not be toys or fashion accessories. Will not answer to Fee Fee or Foo Foo. No mas! Viva Chihuahuas. Who is with me? Heel!

There are no links to click.

No “contact me” fill-in for your email address so they can contact you with more information.


So I did some more sleuthing and discovered this is a viral video produced by none other than…


It’s a promotion for a movie coming this fall:

Here’s an entertaining video, probably out to sell jeans. It’s been viewed nearly 800,000 times in five days.

Viral video can be pretty entertaining, however, it often forces you to jump through a few hoops to figure out what’s being sold.

But isn’t it a good thing if the creative gets your attention, the mystery holds it, you interact with the brand and then you tell others?

So, do you love or hate viral video?

And can you figure out what brand the “unbuttoned” video is promoting?

Comment below to weigh in.

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