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12 examples of marketers that have exploited 9/11

By September 10, 2011November 12th, 20206 Comments

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  • Yafang says:

    I’m not American, but I can still understand the reason why these pictures were considered irresponsible and respectable. 

    -These marketers, I guess, they just want their brand to be paid attention to, however they don’t care about the reputation of the brand
    -They might get a lot of attention for a while, but in the long run, making controversial stuff (and these seems to be totally wrong) will direct them to a bad situation. 
    -for the starbucks one, I don’t understand actually, is it like that  two stand-up stuff with a flying thing, would be related to 911???

  • YEh Dalag says:

    I think they are just riding the hype of this event. This will always be remembered and I think their ads won’t be. 

  • YEh Dalag says:

    This event is really big and at the same time sensitive. Company and advertisers should handle this with extra careful. Let’s bring back the values in advertising.

  • Pin Agency says:

    It is okay to remember it but I think it’s not a good thing to exploit it. Give hope and don’t trigger the negative emotion. 

  • Here’s another myth: “the more people I target, the more products I’ll sell.” and that event is not about Americans but rather whole world!

  • Dougtulane says:

    I don’t think the Starbucks one is intentional, just a bad coincidence. 

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