Afraid of being different?

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We love to push our clients around.

I don’t mean physically. We just love to push them out of their comfort zone to get them to try something they simply never would have thought of doing themselves.

“That’s just not us.”

“I’ve never seen anyone in our category do that.”

“Our customers will think we’re crazy.”


We understand the trepidation. But consider that some of the largest, most-respected (even staid) brands are getting it. Check out this video from Toyota’s European marketing team to deliver it’s slogan “Serious Fun””

This is from the folks that brought you Camry and Corolla, folks.

We’re not hired to help our clients bore their prospects and customers. We’re hired to help them grow their business. And it simply ain’t gonna happen in this cluttered environment unless you do something remarkable.

People need to be talking about what you’re up to. The old saying “advertising is what you do when your products are boring,” may be a little strong for some, but it’s a true.

Afraid of being different?

You shouldn’t be.

You should be afraid if you aren’t different.

Be very afraid.

So, what’s the most creative marketing you’ve seen lately? I’d love hear about it.

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