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Are you ready to compete?

By August 18, 20082 Comments

Are you ready to compete?

Watching the greatest Olympians inspires.

The competition is fierce, and to succeed at the highest level these dedicated athletes train for years.

Day in and day out, they work at their craft to swim faster, jump higher or hit with greater precision.

Whatever it is, it’s their singular focus—and they know how to win.

It’s for these reasons, you wouldn’t consider trying to compete against Michael Phelps in water or Usain Bolt on land.

You simply wouldn’t stand a chance.

You face fierce competition every day, too—and not just from companies with professional marketing departments. You compete with information overload, cynical consumers and a slumping economy, to boot.

So, what are you doing to compete?

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  • Turning my competitors into allies, as I explain in my award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First. That”s why you and I are beyond our business alliances. 🙂

  • Salesgirl says:

    Service, service, service….always. First and foremost. Customers first in good times, and hopefully they remember that in the bad times, when you’re still putting them first. Being a small independent retailer in a tough market, though, I also play the sympathy card, as well….I tell them I’m having a sale, because I know what they’re going through…because I’m going through it too… I try to bring their awareness to that I am one of them too….and always, always, tell them how much I appreciate them looking for me that day, and try to find that something extra to do for them….they are the reason that I am there…..

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