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Bite-sized Friday: Smart, smarter, smartest

By October 3, 2008September 1st, 20202 Comments


An embeddable collection of Fortune 500 logos, tagged with words like “logotype”, “symbol” and “acronym” to make it helpful to sort through different variations and approaches to design.


In Brainy Brand Names Where They’re Least Expected, Stuart Elliott of the New York Times shares some of the surprisingly creative ways The Atlantic and The Economist are marketing their thought-leading magazines.

For example, The Atlantic is going local, even advertising in the corner store with their slogan, “Think. Again.”

An ad for The Atlantic in a corner storeImage: The New York Times

If The Atlantic and The Economist can do it, you can too.


From Sustainable is Good:

HP< has developed a new notebook PC which is sold directly in a messenger bag virtually eliminating all consumer packaging. As part of a design challenge by super retailer Wal-Mart, HP developed the concept of selling a laptop computer directly in a stylish messenger bag.

HP notebook computer with no packaging

Why aren’t more products sold this way?

So, where have you seen smart marketing today?

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  • Shih_Wei says:

    I recently became of fan of Lush Cosmetics because of their practice of zero to minimal packaging. They also sell/offer reusable tins for their solid products.

    My college-age nephew introduced me to Lush. The younger generations are making more thoughtful purchasing decisions everyday. I, for one, am definitely paying more attention to that.

  • I first experienced a Lush store with my wife at Whistler. Great concept. I wish there was a Lush-like store for guys.

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