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Burger King Flame: Body spray of seduction

By December 19, 2008April 26th, 2021One Comment

Burger King—fresh from a beating in the blogosphere for their Whopper Virgins campaign—has snapped back.

They’re back on brand with the King and Burger King Flame, the “body spray of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

Burger King Flame body spray
Yes, it’s real, but it’s sold out.

Of course, it’s not about the body spray, it’s about creating buzz and getting people to interact with the brand, and in the campaign site, you’ll do just that.

A crackling fire, a full moon and a romantic rubdown are just a few of the scenes you can experience in full-screen video.

Romantic interlude with Burger King Flame body spray

Make sure you view all of the videos—you won’t want to miss the “royal treatment.” Believe me, you won’t want to miss it.

So, is Burger King back on brand, or did you appreciate the Whopper Virgins campaign more?

What say you?

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Thanks much to Melissa Griswold for sharing this with me.

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