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Business Cards: The Forgotten Powerhouse of Marketing

By March 10, 2013One Comment

In our digital age most people forget that a business card is still a significant marketing tool. Why spend money on a business card if you can exchange contact info on your iPhone? Because your business card is tangible. It conveys your brand personality. It may be the first impression your customer sees of your business. Because people DO still ask, “Do you have a card?”

When most individuals think of business cards, they visualize a plain white, square card, perhaps blue or black type, maybe a photo of the business owner, contact info, and company logo. People don’t get too excited about their business cards or put much effort into the design. It tends to be an afterthought. Mistake. Big mistake.

Take a look at Outsource Marketing’s cards. Not just one stale card. They are memorable, share-worthy, and on-brand.

business cardp hoto

Notice the multiple designs with our employee’s images? Okay, okay, we confess. The monkey was a slacker and no longer works here.

Your business card should make people take a second look. The card design should beg the person to flip it over to see what is on the other side. It should echo all the effort you put into designing your web site or company brochure. Yes, your business card should make people say, “Nice. I’m going to check this company out!”

Take a look at your card (or perhaps they are buried somewhere in that funky desk drawer with the rotten banana). Does it convey your company’s brand personality? Or does it look like everyone else’s card and most likely to get lost in a pile?

Is it time for you to rethink your business card?

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  • chris says:

    I think getting business cards made or just having them is something that everyone should have. They can be very handy in any situation 🙂 I just got come business cards from CardsMadeEasy 😀 They turend out really well

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