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Create a culture of appreciation with social media

By June 10, 2009August 19th, 2020One Comment

I spoke at the Recognition Roundtable today here in Bellevue, a group of mostly HR people from major companies located here in the Pacific Northwest that are looking for ways to encourage and support recognition within their respective workplaces.

In the session, I shared—

  • Why this topic should matter to every marketer
  • What social media is
  • How social media can help build a culture of appreciation, with a few examples
  • How it helps improve employee responses to six of the 12 Questions from First, Break all the Rules
  • A few options for building social networks for the enterprise

Here’s my presentation:

And here are some related links I saved on Delicious.

We did a “bonus session” afterwards where we brainstormed ways social media can help deliver recognition, but that’s not included here.

So what do you think? Is the enterprise ready for social media?

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  • Griffin says:


    I attended the Recognition Roundtable luncheon this afternoon in Bellevue. I really appreciated and learned a lot. Thank you for sharing your insight into social media and why it’s not a matter of whether or not enterprise is ready for social media, but when.

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