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When Teague, the Seattle design firm behind Xbox and Boeing interiors was challenged by nonprofit Oregon Manifest to come up with a new bicycle design with Seattle in mind, it was game on. Oregon Manifest challenged five cities including Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Portland in a contest creating “a platform for bike craft, design and innovation.” For a bike is not just for pleasure, but a “tool” that is used everyday by millions of people.

Voters chose Seattle as the winner. Teague created the ultimate electric utility ┬ábike called “Denny” – named after original pioneers of Seattle and one of the impossible-to-ride-up hills in Seattle. ┬áThe Denny was designed to make biking as easy as possible.

And this bike is pretty dang cool. Check out the video describing all the features of the bike. You’ll want one after you see it. With a handlebar that doubles as a bicycle lock, pedal assist, turn signals, automatically shifting gears, automatic lights, flexible storage, and much more, there is a reason this bike was the winner.

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