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Responsible Marketing

Creativity outside the lines

By July 9, 2008April 26th, 20212 Comments

To raise awareness regarding the AIDS pandemic in South Africa and commemorate World AIDS Day, The Cape Argus newspaper used their page numbers to share statistics provided by UNICEF and the South African Department of Health.

The statistics are chilling. The awesomely simple and creative execution is inspired. And it’s encouraging a conversation about this oh-so-important topic.

Now that, my Responsible Marketing friends, is creativity.

Where have you seen truly inspired creativity?

Comment below to share.

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Inspired by this post in Adverbox.

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  • That is creativity Patrick! I’ll have to figure out a way to utilize this idea in Eastside Business and Eastside Life newspapers

  • The problem here in the States is that the newspaper companies would be worried about how much they were going to spend on ink.

    I agree – it’s an amazing idea and kudos to the paper for executing on it.

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