Creativity + social networking = Zappos everywhere

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Zappos, the online shoe and clothing retailer is popping up everywhere I go. In the last month, I’ve had a number of contacts with the company, none of them planned, and none of them through traditional marketing approaches.

Zappos is embracing social networking

I’m a fan of Twitter, the micro-blogging/social networking service, and so is Zappos. I kept stumbling upon tweets sent by members of the Zappos team, then someone shared this page with me:

That’s right, the company has created a special directory for any Zappos employee that wants to use Twitter.

Right now, 424 people are participating, including upper management and the CEO.

>>Follow me on Twitter.

Zappos let’s their people play

The company has created Zappos TV, a YouTube channel where you can find “sketches, behind-the-scenes excitement and yes, even music videos.”

I discovered the channel when someone sent me the following video:

Sure, most of these videos are the stuff you’d expect to find on YouTube, but it’s clear they’ve created a fun environment.

>>View the Responsible Marketing Channel on YouTube

Zappos is advertising in unconventional places

If you’ve flown anywhere lately, you know what I’m talking about.

Zappos has purchased advertising space in the bottom of the bins you put your shoes in as you move through security at the airport:

It’s brilliant placement because, well, they sell shoes, they have little competition, and air travelers tend to have more expendable income than people that don’t travel by plane.

Zappos is generating word of mouth

Considering the above, it’s no surprise people are talking about Zappos.

Personally, I first learned of the company when my neighbor’s twelve-year-old niece was cruising down the street in her Heely’s and I asked her where she got them.

“I got ’em at Zappos, where else?” was her response.

‘Nuff said.

So, who else is doing a good job using creativity and/or social media to break through?

Comment below to share.

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Photo of security tray: Communications Arts

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