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Responsible Marketing

Does marketing need a heart?

By July 29, 2008August 19th, 20206 Comments

Proposed Creative Workflow, by Frank Chimero

There are seven keys to Responsible Marketing.

Most would agree the first four keys are necessary just to do marketing right:

  • Strategically responsible – to save time, money and improve focus
  • Execution responsible – with best practices instead of best efforts
  • Casting responsible – so your have the right people in the right roles, internally and externally
  • ROI responsible – because your efforts must impact the bottom line

The three keys necessary if marketers want to gain the respect and trust of customers and do the right thing are:

  • Message responsible – to respect all your audiences
  • Environmentally responsible – since our world needs us to be
  • Socially responsible – because marketing is more than moving product

Some have told me they believe Responsible Marketing is marketing infused with equal parts logic and heart.

And without heart, does creativity, strategy and everything else loses its relevance?

Do you believe marketing needs a heart to be effective?

Comment below to weigh in.

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Image: Frank Chimero Illustration & Design, via AdPulp.

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  • Thanks for this post. I think marketing needs a heart, but there have been many successful campaigns that failed to show heart. Ideally folks should stay focused on the ‘good’ because heart power itself does provide contextual relevance to life itself.

  • Yes, you can have a successful marketing campaign without heart–but you create a one-time customer! Big deal. You want a lifetime relationship, and for that, you absolutely need heart–not just in your marketing but n the product itself, in the customer experience, etc. I talk about this in some detail in my award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First.

  • hmmm…. it seems that it is the other way around for many things today!!

  • Larry D says:

    Marketing, from my experience…needs a liver. Considering the consumption of alcohol, marketing people go through livers more quickly than average.

    All kidding aside…markeign MUST have a “heart”. Without a compelling message that delivers a strong emotional bond, there’s no brand “there”. With heart, and purpose – the message rings true. Without either, there’s no reason to market.

    Make sense?

  • Absolutely! The more ‘heart’ or passion shown for the product or service offered, the greater chance of success: If you believe in your offering, how much more likely someone will be swayed by your endorsement – especially if they recognize you as a trusted name or provider.

    While you may capture someone’s attention without ‘heart’, it likely is only a budget-driven decision, and you will soon find that client moving on to the next best offer to appear. ‘Heart’ is absolutely the better choice for continued success and growth.

    PS – I also think your note including ‘casting responsible’ to be a keen observation.

  • Love the “marketing needs a liver” quote, Larry.

    So, I’m hearing the heart may not be completely necessary to get the customer, but without it you won’t be able to keep them.


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