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Easter Egg revealed on

By April 5, 2010August 6th, 2020One Comment

We’ve had quite a response to our first ever Easter Egg Hunt on

Over a dozen people discovered the Easter Egg and lots more contacted us using the blog, Facebook, Twitter and email looking for hints and to find out if they won. Here’s one comment from Mark Jordan over at the Invicta Law Group:

I was thinking this was a ruse to get me to go over every inch of the website – which I did! And I loved it! Do I win any tickets?

Um, sorry Mark, but you didn’t, and you can stop looking now. The Easter Egg is on our How We Do It page.

The first person to find it was Mike Gore the “sponsorship guy” from Seattle-based Nuun. Mike wins our lower box seats tickets to see the Mariners take on the Oakland A’s on Wednesday, April 14th at Safeco Field.

Clicking on the Easter Egg hyperlink landed you on this page, where you were treated/subjected to following video:

View on YouTube

Sure, it’s rough. But that’s what a bunny head, no script, one take and a half hour of editing gets you these days. Let’s face it, our Creative Director Martin Pierce is no Martin Scorsese.

We hope you enjoyed the hunt as much as we did putting it together. Thanks for playing, and we hope you had a great Easter.

Your friends at Outsource Marketing

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  • Jon says:

    Large human sized rabbits have always been a bit creepy to me. Am I the only one who found the rabbit in Donnie Darko creepy? Good ruse on the hunt though. I’ll have to try that type of tactic sometime.

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