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Embracing responsibility: It’s gr-r-r-reat! Or is it?

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Here’s four minutes of junk food advertising aimed at children:

Given the above, when cereal maker Kellogg’s proclaims, “We want to be a responsible marketer,” what does that mean? Is their newfound philosophy responsible or reactionary?

In Embracing responsibility: It’s gr-r-r-reat! Or is it? my partner, Dan Murphy tackles that question and more.

Here’s a snippet:

Who isn’t acquainted with Tony the Tiger? He’s an authentic advertising legend, a cultural icon. His smiling face is a connection to childhood fun at breakfast or during those Saturday morning cartoons. Yet more recently the cartoon carnivore has become a symbol of all that’s wrong with modern food processors.

As the most prominent of Kellogg’s brand images, Tony has become a convenient scapegoat for consumer groups angry about marketing messages that exploit children and hype food products with a lot less nutritional value than most parents expect.

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