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Fast Times and Slow Minds

By August 14, 2019July 22nd, 2020No Comments

Does it ever feel like the world is moving a million miles a minute? Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. The culture is shifting like sand dunes in the Sahara Desert. Parts of our society are unrecognizable from even half a century ago.

Marketing guru Seth Godin touched on this recently. Formerly the CMO of Yahoo, Seth always seems to be able to predict where marketing is going to turn next. In one of the latest episodes of his culture podcast, Akimbo, he noted that “the internet is a game-changer … [because of] this massive, peer-to-peer instant sink of culture and information. It means that for the first time in the history of the world, anyone who wants to learn something can learn it. That is a game-changer, because the idea that we can learn ideas, and get better at them faster and faster than ever, will change the pace that our culture advances.”

Interconnectivity has made it easier for us to collaborate efficiently and accomplish great things in short periods of time, but our brains haven’t adapted. We still process information at about the same speed as our cavemen ancestors, and they certainly weren’t getting morning news blasts in their inboxes or keeping up with the President’s latest tweets. 

So don’t forget to slow down. Take some you-time. Let it all pass you by sometimes. You’ll feel more refreshed, you’ll be better able to meet the challenges at hand, and your caveman brain will thank you.  

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