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Ford innovation differentiates

By October 20, 2008June 4th, 20212 Comments

When it’s time to buy a car, you have plenty of choices.

But if you have a teen driver in the house and have the Benjamins to buy them a new car, you’ll have to put a 2009 Ford on your shortlist.

Here’s why:

Ford Motor Company is introducing MyKey™, a standard new technology designed to allow parents to encourage teen-agers to drive safer and more fuel efficiently, and increase safety-belt usage.

Ford’s MyKey feature – which will launch on the Focus and be offered standard across many Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models in 2009 – allows owners to designate a key that can limit the vehicle’s top speed and audio volume.

MyKey from Ford offers differentiation through innovation
View MyKey info graphic (PDF)

Consumers want innovation like this. It’s one of those “they shoulda done that years ago” game-changers that every car should have, and Ford will be rewarded for it.

It’s no secret American auto builders are in a world of hurt right now.

Listening to the customer and then giving them what they want is strategically responsible—and is a necessary piece of the puzzle that needs to be solved to help return Ford to profitability.

Which game-changing product or service innovation has impressed you most recently?

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  • Of course, it would be easier to accept that Ford has consumers’ interests at heart if it weren’t for the company’s unpleasant history of denying problems and choosing to pay death benefits rather than fixing safety issues. Examples: exploding Pinto, Explorer rollover problem.

    I will not knowingly buy Ford products. My last car purchase was a Mazda and I was quite chagrined to find out about a year later that Ford owns Mazda (as they do Volvo and other brands).

    Shel Horowitz, author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First and founder of the Business Ethics Pledge

  • Nick says:

    Shel, way to take a stance…

    You will not knowingly by a Ford product…but your clearly not that educated about major decisions either. Look up what Fortune 500 company hasn’t made socially unacceptable decisions according to someone out there. I drive, and have well over 200,000 miles on my Explorer and I haven’t rolled it. Here is a great idea…don’t drive like an idiot.

    Keep in mind human nature is to blame someone else….Anyway, way to take responsibility while you are educating yourself on socially acceptable products. Grow a set, or have a heart…either way you should research your information before you run your mouth

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