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Green & authenticity make a good marriage

By February 25, 2008August 19th, 2020One Comment


Lewis Green and I had a great talk last week.

Lewis is the Chief Communications Officer & Founder of L&G Business Solutions, and author of the book Lead With Your Heart.

Our chat had no agenda. We connected online a few months ago after we noticed we seemed to be singing from the same hymnal. Before moving out East, Lewis lived in Seattle, and ironically we both lived in the same neighborhood (but not at the same time).

Lewis captured a few of the things we spoke about, and elaborated somewhat on Dell’s excellent ReGeneration blog. Here’s a snippet:

Although we live on opposite coasts, we believe that marketing and business must be built on a foundation of ethics and values and driven by authenticity. In other words, our ethics and values aren’t discussion points, they are the way we live our lives and run our businesses. I call it leading with your heart, which means we always put people first in every decision we make, and everything we do is based on making the world a better place to live and work. What might that look like?

Intrigued? Read his post.

By the way, I profiled the ReGeneration blog in my New Year’s Day post, inspiration from unexpected places.

Happy Marketing.

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