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Hall of Shame: Courrier International exploits 9/11

By September 7, 2010January 21st, 20214 Comments

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately, taking some of our own advice and trying to stay focused on some great client projects and our upcoming office move.

But we simply couldn’t let this pass without saying something.

9/11 Courrier International ad

French newspaper Courrier International‘s tagline is “learn to anticipate.” Really, this is a decent tagline that has so many creative possibilities.

Then why exploit 9/11 and with such a lightweight and insensitive idea that if only the World Trade Center Towers were just a little shorter, things would have been a lot better?

This is socially irresponsible, ethically wrong and disrespectful in so many ways–especially as we approach the 9th anniversary of the attacks.

Courrier International, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You’ve made light of the loss of thousands of innocent lives in your half-assed attempt to be creative or edgy.

Welcome to the Responsible Marketing Hall of Shame.

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Via Martin Pierce and Buzzfeed.

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