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Happy Birthday, Responsible Marketing Blog

By November 19, 2008March 31st, 20215 Comments

Happy Birthday Responsible Marketing Blog

A year ago today, I soft-launched the Responsible Marketing Blog.

My goal was twofold: Create a digital scratchpad for my ideas as I write a book on the topic and get unfiltered feedback on those ideas.

Both goals have been met, but progress has slowed on the book as it has transformed itself over the last year—and that’s okay. The book will be the better for it.

I made a personal commitment to write a post every weekday in 2008. So far, so good—there are now 278 posts here.

Thanks are in order to those that read and comment on the blog regularly. Without your continued engagement and encouragement, I wouldn’t have made it this far. It’s surprising how gratifying your feedback is, good and bad. It’s the fuel that helps me write the next post.

Thanks to my amazing wife and kids who have shown incredible support and patience with the time commitment required to keep up with the blog.

And of course, thanks to my team at Outsource Marketing for letting me be the voice for an idea we all embrace. Eric Anderson and Martin Pierce deserve special recognition their work in the technical deployment and of the blog and development of the Responsible Marketing brand.

I’m looking forward to our continued conversation regarding the challenges marketers face today, and ways to help commerce and conscience come together.

So, what’s the most memorable post from the last year?

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