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Help! Product placements threw up on my reruns!

By January 20, 2014June 16th, 2021No Comments

So you think by watching old reruns you might escape the blatant product placements we so often see nowadays?

Well, friends, you can run but you cannot hide.

Introducing Mirriad, a company who, as Chairman Roger Faxon states, is “finding a way to bring brands and great content together” by utilizing technology to insert product placements into, well, anything old and new.

Fear not. Even if a show or movie has already run, Mirriad can utilize their technology to retroactively insert a product placement on virtually anything. Soon we may be watching George and Jerry walking into a Panera for their infamous sit-downs, or Ross and Rachel drinking a cup of their favorite Starbucks.  While that may be a stretch, who knows what products will turn up in our old favs.

While this is a cool technology and a fantastic branding opportunity for companies, I wonder just how far consumers can be pushed. Mirriad’s website claims “Brand sentiment soars when a consumer shares an affinity with a show, character, actor or artist.” True. Who doesn’t want an icy cold Pepsi if Brad Pitt is drinking one? Product placements in television and movies make the storyline seem more realistic and relatable. They help finance the program since more people are utilizing their DVR and skipping the commercials.

However, viewers are smart and don’t appreciate being deceived. They are tired of getting pounded in the face with advertising everywhere they turn. You can’t even watch an On-Demand show anymore without being forced to watch the ads. How are people going to react when they are watching a rerun and transparent product placements are being added to the show?  Some of these programs are so full of product placements I feel like I am watching one long advertisement. Bleh.

So if you are watching A-team reruns and Mr. T’s hip gold jewelry is suddenly branded with Nike logos, ask yourself, did that really appear in the original episode? I for one pity the fool who buys into this.

What do you think?

“Cool technology, bring it on!”


“Get outta my face already!”

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