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Hey, what’s with the halo and horns?

By February 21, 2008June 17th, 2021No Comments

You probably noticed the dramatic difference in the Responsible Marketing Blog identity and wondered, what’s with the halo and horns?

Well, the more research and writing I’ve done on Responsible Marketing, the more I appreciate the marketer’s conundrum: Responsible Marketing, on the surface, seems like an unachievable, almost Utopian goal.

If you are getting great results with your catalog campaigns, why would you ever make it easy for someone to remove themselves from your mailing list?

If tacky, disrespectful advertising actually works, why would you care about being message responsible and respecting all your audiences?

If being a good corporate citizen doesn’t improve the bottom line, why do it?

All good questions and all worthy of a discussion.

And that’s what this blog is all about: it’s the place where commerce and conscience collide. And finding a way to bring them together to do marketing right while doing the right thing.

Let the conversation continue!


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