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Hometown Hookups Season: Looks that Seal the Deal

By December 9, 2013March 14th, 2021One Comment

David Oligvy once said You can’t bore people into buying your product. I’m wondering if he would have approved of this email from Generation Y clothier JackThreads.

Like many apparel retailers they send a daily email with limited time offers. Mostly these go unnoticed, but not this particular piece.


Sent to me on Friday November 22nd, 6 days before Thanksgiving, the accompanying copy says it all;

We know the REAL reason you’re going home for Thanksgiving, and it ain’t for a slice of grandma’s famous pumpkin pie. The biggest drinking day of the year culminates in one main event: hooking up with that hottie from your high school biology class. Come correct with new gear, ’cause if you wanna hook up, you gotta dress up.

So, do you hate it because of the message, or love it because it broke through?

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  • Duane Z says:

    Neither. I hate it because it’s lazy. Sex sells. The implication of sex sells. It’s Advertising’s universal low-hanging fruit. We should be better than this.

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