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I bet you’ll fail this test

By March 20, 2008June 22nd, 20215 Comments

Before you read ahead, play the video below and take the test. You won’t need paper or pencil, just your full concentration. It will take you one minute.

This awareness test is powerful in so many ways.

  • It’s short and simple: One video. One minute long. 30 words. No fancy graphics. Just a single powerful message.
  • It engages you. It’s almost impossible to not participate once you’ve started watching
  • You are rewarded for paying attention
  • It’s word of mouth worthy – you want to share it.
  • The budget was tiny
  • British accents are just so cool

Okay, maybe the last item is a stretch, but this video is more proof that execution is important, but the best idea wins.

This video has a message for any marketer trying to break through the clutter today. “It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for” applies to your marketing.

Think about it: When someone is reading that magazine you’re advertising in, are they looking for your ad?

Nope. They’re there for the content. They’re counting the number of passes the white team makes.

And I’m pretty sure your ad isn’t as entertaining as a moonwalking bear.

So, did you pass the real test?

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  • rita says:

    Perhaps we all should learn to NOT hide the obvious?
    Don’t bury your lead.
    Don’t be so creative as to distract the audience from your message.
    And—a little humor wouldn’t hurt!

  • Deston says:

    Terrific ad. Just wonderful. Having hit TWO cyclists (both okay and both times their fault, I might add) it has special resonance.

  • Brilliant. Smashingly brilliant.

  • Done before. Can’t remember where but I’ve seen another version of this.

  • Peter Weinstein says:

    Very similar to how our government has been distracting us for years. “look at the shinny object”

    Think about it!

    magicians have known this technique for hundreds of years,

    What wouldn’t have been responsible is if this commercial didn’t point out the deception. Now think about the commercials that have hidden the intent of their ad. Think subliminal advertising..think about product placement…etc.
    product placement rarely has to promote the features and benefits of the product. It only has to say that George Clooney has obviously evaluated the product, researched the F&B’s and therefore you don’t have to. If George Clooney is using it then you don’t have to bother with the details.

    Now think about our war with Iraq. If George Bush has done all the due diligence then you don’t have to bother with it. Can George Bush be wrong about the war? can George Clooney be wrong about sugar free, diet, chocolate flavored, vitamin infused pomegranate juice? Neither of them would mislead us…would they?

    Deception is all around us… responsible? No. A part of our culture? unfortunately yes.

    Manipulative isn’t it.

    hard to trust the world when you realize the amount of deception that is all around us.

    What is really painful is when someone really wants to promote a ethical message but never realizes they are in fact being deceptive. i.e. Green Washing. Sure some companies are abusing the green message…but there are some that truly want to live a green lifestyle. For instance I heard of a grocery store that was selling canvas shopping bags for shoppers to reuse. Good idea. But then one shopper noticed the bags were not made from organic cotton. Then all hell broke loose. Did this store mean to deceive the customer to make a profit on the bags? Or was their intent honorable but the execution flawed? So what’s the problem if the bags were not organic…isn’t it just as important that the bags were being consistently reused?

    Youre damned if you do…your damned if you dont.

    O.K. enough rambling for today.

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