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Responsible Marketing

Is green marketing Responsible Marketing?

By February 16, 2009March 31st, 20212 Comments

Is green marketing Responsible Marketing?
Is green marketing responsible?

Not always.

Sometimes it’s just the opposite—it’s irresponsible, deceptive and wrong when it’s greenwashing.

The fact is, most Americans say green advertising is nothing more than just a marketing tactic.

Consumers are savy—just because a marketer claims it doesn’t mean they’ll believe it.

So why go green?

Well, because it’s the right thing to do—and mark my words—eventually every company will be required to conduct business in an environmentally responsible way.

So why not do the right thing now instead of waiting? Why not keep up with the competition—maybe even beat them to the punch—by becoming the company that owns green in your category?

And if you think the economy will keep customers from paying more for an environmentally responsible product or service, think again.

A recent survey has shown that 82% of consumers are still purchasing green products during the recession.

Green marketing may not always be responsible, but greening your product, service and company is.

So what are you waiting for?

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  • I’d say definitely it’s responsible if it’s being done correctly. I agree that greenwashing or being deceptive is highly irresponsible, but that’s a very transparent thing.

  • I agree with ‘Integraphix’ up there – there is a lot of deception to get the masses to use a product even if it’s not really ‘green’. It’s easy to deceive if people make a shift towards eco-friendly products especially if the company doing the marketing is banking on the fact that people won’t research a product before using it.

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