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Is Motorola the new Southwest Airlines?

By January 13, 2014No Comments
Moto X

There was a point in time, maybe four to six years ago, when Southwest Airlines was the THE company marketers looked to as an example of how to position yourself. They were, simply stated, CHEAP and FUN air travel. It was refreshing, honest and unique in the airline industry. But somewhere along the way they lost their focus. Now, according to this NYT article they’re changing their marketing message completely. My hunch is they are going to struggle and will become just another “me too” airline (if they are not already). We’ll see.

Motorola Mobility (now owned by Google), however, is a very different story.  They offer innovative, inexpensive, and customizable phones, which are sold off-contact and direct-shipped to the customer.

Both reviewers and customers love their products. Did I mention you can get an actual Bamboo model?

I think 2014 will be a breakout year for Moto. They’ve positioned themselves as the hip, innovative and affordable choice – exactly the type of company that Southwest USED to be.

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