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Responsible Marketing

Is responsibility the Holy Grail of marketing?

By April 3, 2009August 18th, 20204 Comments


Gennefer Snowfield at the Triple Pundit interviewed me earlier this week and asked me a host of questions regarding Responsible Marketing, including—

  • Where the Responsible Marketing concept came from;
  • The impetus for this blog;
  • How I define Responsible Marketing;
  • Where Responsible Marketing fits with cause marketing;
  • Which brands are leading in Responsible Marketing;
  • My predictions for the future. . . and more.

Read The Holy Grail of Successful Marketing: Responsibility then weigh in, either here or there.

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Image: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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  • daavid says:

    what do you think about an 8th element of Responsible Marketing: Audit Responsibility (to establish and manage a marketing structure and way of working which supports transparency, integrity, the CSR guidelines and Corporate Governance)?

  • Interesting idea. There are a number of responsibilities we’ve considered, but I’m trying to keep the list focused on marketing for marketers.

  • Hi I always enjoy your site (think I met you at linked in if you have the group w/ the same name if not join the group)

    I may have to blog about this on my blog because I wont make this too long.

    Yes we need responsible marketing. And I agree on most of your points.
    In the interview you said:
    1) Information overload;
    2) Cynical consumers
    3) A complete lack of trust

    The lack in adding “value” to 1 leads to 2 and thus we end up with 3.

    You were quoted as saying “the difference between success and failure comes down to one word: responsibility” I differ and say its value. Responsibility though important and needed. Adding value (real value not hyped or mis-perceived) is the difference.

    On last note I will share an idea that another blogger shared with me thats of Value. Add a follow this comment plugin so we can be alerted of updates/replies to the comment section. Keep doing what your doing you are adding value responsibly. 🙂

  • PS adding value to 1 means adding value to your product or service that is immediately equating the solution to a problem for the consumer. That way they know why they are purchasing from one brand over another.

    Clarity of value.

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