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Is your “Green Czar” an angel or a devil?

By October 2, 2009August 19th, 2020No Comments

In 2006, we decided we needed get serious about greening Outsource Marketing after years of agreement about having an environmentally responsible workplace but no real plan to make it happen.

Since then, we’ve been recognized for our efforts and have even won a few workplace recycling awards.

The two secrets to our success:

  1. Everyone at Outsource is required to sign our Green Pact. The Pact is our personal vow to abide by a list of rules we developed as a team regarding paper use, bottled water, use of cleaning supplies and such.
  2. While several people were passionate about the idea, one person, dubbed our “Green Czar,” was given the responsibility and authority to lead the charge.

Some team members were perfect for the role: They motivated us to do what was necessary and made us feel good about the work we were doing.

Others? Well, let’s just say some people can drive you to drink.

So, what are some of the best practices you’ve seen in workplace recycling programs?

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