It worked with Darth Vader. Why not Ferris Bueller?

By January 30, 2012One Comment

Volkswagen’s “The Force” Volkswagen commercial was a huge hit with nearly 50 million views since its Super Bowl release last year. Here it is, in the unlikely event you haven’t seen it:

Now, a 10 second trailer featuring Matthew Broderick has the internets abuzz wondering if a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sequel in the works.

With over four million views in three days, the video has gone viral. Rumor has it there’s no sequel, but instead it’s teasing an ad for the new Honda CR-V. Some enraged Ferris fans are dropping f-bombs, threatening to key Hondas, and shouting “SAVE FERRIS” with all caps on.

This is a small vocal minority. I loved the movie. Saw it at least three times and can quote as many FBDO lines as anyone.

This is a tempest in a teakettle. And for all the Honda haters out there–this ad will help a whole new generation of fans will learn to appreciate “one man’s struggle to take it easy.”

That’s my take. What’s yours?

Update: The rumors are true. Here’s the new ad:


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  • Ron Rael says:

    What a great marketing and branding technique for Honda. As we grow into adults, there are things we did that we wish we could do now. For young adults who wanted to be like Ferris, this redux introduces them to a product that they may have thought was for “older people.”

    I think this commercial will take on a life of its own, like Clara Pellar’s “Where’s the beef?” and the Little Darth Vader.

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