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Just ‘bout the ads, boss: The Best and the Worst of Super Bowl XLVIII

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With the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl, for me this is the first time in years the game was more important than the advertising. But with the Seahawks blowout of the Broncos, a lot of viewers got bored and only stuck around for the ads.

Some were overproduced and seemed like they were trying too hard, but this year’s spots provided some laughs (and tears) for a record breaking 111.5 million viewers.

Here’s my list for the top four best and worst ads:


1. Budweiser

It’s safe to say this is unanimously the favorite and most successful Super Bowl commercial. An adorable puppy, a cowboy, love, and beer? Name a better combination.

2. Audi

For the first time ever, we didn’t burst into tears at the sight of Sarah McLachlan holding a puppy. It also sent a positive message to rescue animals. Responsible and hilarious.

3. Microsoft

Speaking of tears, if Bronco fans weren’t crying already, this should have done the trick.

4. RadioShack

The struggling retailer scored with its modest commercial featuring big name 80’s celebrities poking fun at themselves, yet bringing light to the fact that they’ve stepped up their electronic game.


1. Soda Stream

There’s no denying Scarlett Johansson is a bombshell. Her big reveal of her not that revealing dress caused the video to go viral. At the same time, the ad is now banned and people are boycotting the company for this semi controversial spot. Worth it?

2. Masarati

Wait…this isn’t a promo for a Beasts of the Southern Wild sequel? Why is 10 year old, Quvenzhane Wallis, in a car commercial? Although she is one of few that could actually afford the car, the average Super Bowl viewer cannot. Hmm.

3. Subway

This is the Super Bowl. Didn’t you get the memo, Subway? It’s supposed to look like you tried too hard. And were we actually supposed to believe these elite athletes consume a Frito filled enchilada sandwich?

4. Chrysler

“You can’t fake cool.” No, you sure can’t. This ad was tacky, confusing, and boring. Still love ya, Bob Dylan.

You mad, bro? Don’t like our list? Comment below to let us know how you ranked the Super Bowl XLVIII commercials.


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