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Love it or hate it? Heineken’s “Share the Good”

By April 24, 2008June 29th, 20219 Comments

With the title “Share the Good,” Heineken’s new campaign sounds promising. But it’s not about Katrina relief, reducing the company’s carbon footprint or feeding hungry children.


It’s all about the beer, and sharing your Heineken with a stranger.

While the ad is visually interesting and the art direction is quite good, something isn’t quite right. It actually feels more Pepsi or Coke than it does Heineken. Maybe they should have called it, “Share a Heineken and a smile.”

You can interact with the brand at, and there are tools to drive word of mouth. The tag cloud representing happy Heineken drinkers just like you is intriguing, but is so stylized it feels fake.

The biggest problem with this campaign is that it implies there’s more to it than there is. To most people, “Share the Good,” doesn’t mean “share the beer.”

Any socially conscious consumer that pays attention to the ad, then invests the time to visit the website to learn more will be let down, or even worse—they’ll leave feeling duped when they are left to ask “where’s the good?”

What do you think? Do you love it or hate it?

Comment below to weigh in.

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Inspiration for this post came from adrants on twitter

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  • Deston says:

    I think it misses the mark, for all its “honorable intentions.”

  • “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” sound familiar? This is a joke. Talk about misleading advertising. In a world where everyone is focusing on being socially and environmentally conscious they are sharing a “beer”? I agree with you, this is NOT what the ad was portraying with the title – they got it WRONG.

    Messaging is so critical to communicate what you are doing, what feelings you want to convey or anything else and this one goes left when the ad goes right. Oh well, at least their beer isn’t half bad.

  • t.o. mktg says:

    its a visually appealing ad with a catchy tune and slogan.

    the market that heineken is aiming to reach (beer drinkers) will be the first to tell you that beer is indeed good.

    i like it.

  • luna says:

    I’ve searched all over to find this commercial.
    I lalalalalalove it.

    It’s clever, it makes you think, and the song is very catchy.
    Yes, I love it.

  • For some strange reason, I really want a Heineken right now. And I normally do not enjoy the beer.

    Something tells me the marketing is working.

  • Becky says:

    I don’t think they’re trying to sell world peace. I think they’re trying to sell beer. Still, while I love this commercial, I’m not sure they will ultimately be successful at selling the product to their target audience, which is beer-drinking guys–a group I doubt will really appreciate this commercial.

  • In Rem says:

    The song is grating and unnerving. I want to (and usually do) change the channel when it comes on.

    I don’t have a big problem with the concept, but the choice of song is just horrid.

  • God Save Us says:

    THE WORST SONG — ever, to complement THE WORST BEER — ever.

  • Jim says:

    It makes me feel good. Anything that can transcend the differences among us cannot be a bad thing. Even though brief and ethereal I liked it and I feel it served the product well. I also know this is way after the fact since it is Super Bowl Sunday 2011. I just happened to be thinking about commercials I really like and I searched and found one of my favorites.

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