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Makin’ names stick since 1997

By January 14, 2014July 9th, 2021No Comments
seattle pike place gum wall - naming that sticks!

No need to wash your hands or check the bottom of your shoe. By sticky we mean creating a name that stays with your customers.  First impressions matter, so your name should do some of the heavy lifting for you with your target audience whenever they hear or see it.  Something that illuminates how you’re different. Something memorable. Different. Engaging.

You can’t afford to have a bad name. Companies, products and services with great names can spend less on marketing because their name gets people talking, is more memorable amid information overload, is more apt to drive word of mouth, and prompts conversation.

A room full of brainstorming people might come up with something, but will it be unique? Strategic? Will it get people talking? Will it last?

That’s where we come in.

Since 1997, Outsource Marketing has created company, product and service names that stick using our responsible approach to naming.

To learn more about our naming strategy and to get a name you love to be called, click here.

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