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Marketing is a process, not a project. Don’t stop!

By January 14, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

So, you’ve got a spankin’ new brand! Complete with a shiny new logo, engaging website, and business cards to boot. Now what? Outsource Marketing knows firsthand (we recently went through our own rebrand) that building your brand infrastructure is a big investment of time and money. After all this effort, you may think it’s time to take a break from marketing. Instead, heed Fleetwood Mac’s advice: Don’t Stop!

Here are some marketing tips as you embark on the next phase of marketing your organization:

Re-evaluate your marketing goals and objectives

You started at ground zero. Where are you now and where do you want to go? Even with modest goals, you still have a minimum amount of marketing you need to do in order to maintain your momentum. Make a marketing plan and set your goals and objectives.

Apply what you’ve learned

Review what you did in the past. What worked? Do more. What didn’t? Do less. And don’t consider a campaign that didn’t get the results you were expecting a failure. It’s only a failure if you don’t leverage what you’ve learned and build on it.

Don’t go dark now 

Now that you got everyone’s attention with your nifty new brand, your greatest loss could come from stopping. If you bail, you’ll quickly be forgotten. Frequent posting and communications with your customers is key to keeping your business fresh, alive and top of mind. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. 

Maintain brand quality and creative impact

While you may be tempted to cut corners by asking someone with a little capacity to try and do it in-house—or even find a low-cost freelancer to save money—resist the impulse. It’s important to maintain your brand quality, and the vision you set from the start.

Now’s the time to boost outreach

To see the quickest return for that brand foundation investment, you must continue marketing efforts. Advertising, PR, events, email marketing, search engine optimization, direct selling, sales promotion, and referral source program development are just a few ways to keep things moving. Remember, marketing is a process, not a project. So don’t pump the brakes. Hit the gas!

But whatever you do: Don’t. Stop.

Besides, marketing should be a fun part of growing your organization. If it’s dragging you down, maybe you should consider outsourcing your marketing with a little help from your friends at Outmark®.

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