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Responsible Marketing

Marketing that makes you call for help

By February 7, 2008June 17th, 2021No Comments

My wife sent me an email the other day. It read:

Help! We got another solicitation like before…it says to call 1-800-980-xxxx. We need to get off that list. They called over 6 times.

I tried the number and you guessed it, I got the “We’re sorry. The number you have called is unavailable from your calling area.”

Telemarketing isn’t inherently irresponsible. There are telemarketers that play by the rules. But we’re on the National Do Not Call Registry so we shouldn’t be getting these calls.

Anytime you force a prospect to cry for help, you aren’t practicing Responsible Marketing.

Tactless telemarketers, welcome to the Responsible Marketing Hall of Shame.


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