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These Mamas are changing the world

By March 10, 2017October 27th, 2021No Comments

A few years ago, I spent a month abroad in Swaziland, Africa. I fell in love with the country, the people, the atmosphere, and the culture. I hope to one day return, but until then, I plan to get involved with local organizations like COFIA.

COFIA, Circle of Friends In Action, is an influential organization based in Tacoma, Washington. The organization has launched several programs in the U.S. and has created several more on the ground in Uganda.

In the U.S., COFIA invests in students. They strive to connect them to the larger world and empower adolescents to engage, take action, and contribute to the global conversation.

In Eastern Uganda, COFIA helps create an environment where teaching and learning thrive, ensuring all children the opportunity to obtain a quality education. Their support programs supply lunch, school supplies, uniforms, and other necessities to the students. They’ve even created programs that support the teachers and school staff.

What inspires me most about COFIA is that the organization is backed by an ambitious group of woman. The board (or the COFIA Mama’s as they are known in Uganda) turn the wheels of the organization. It’s inspiring to see what can happen when a group of ladies rally together and encourage action.

If you want to get involved or learn more about the COFIA organization check out their website. If you’d like to make a donation of your own, please click the button below!

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