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Hope comes in small packages

By November 27, 2017June 16th, 2021No Comments

In honor of Outsource Marketing’s 20th Anniversary #YearOfGratitude, we are happy to support Eastside Baby Corner.

Founded in 1990 by pediatric nurse practitioner, Karen Ridlon, Eastside Baby Corner (EBC) provides essentials for children in need in our community. This includes providing diapers, formula, car seats, warm winter clothes, shoes, cribs, toys and more for over 800 kids, from birth to age 12, each week.  EBC works with 169 programs housed within partner agencies throughout the King County region. Loving volunteers, from 7 year olds to 70+ year olds, are the heartbeat of the organization.

I first learned of EBC years ago when my daughter and I volunteered with her Girl Scout troop and then later with Outsource Marketing. Sorting through baby and little kid items brings me back to when my children were itty bitty – it really is rewarding in many ways!

But what really got my attention was a speaker at an annual Eastside Baby Corner fundraising luncheon I attended some years back. At the luncheon, a very courageous mom stood in front of hundreds of strangers and spoke of the strength it took to leave her abusive relationship and the sinking feeling of wondering how she can possibly provide for her children on her own without even the basics. 

I remember her saying that when she walked into her temporary housing for the first time, a tremendous weight was lifted off of her. She had a crib. Diapers. Formula. Blankets. Clothes. Toys. All provided by generous donors from Eastside Baby Corner. She didn’t have to focus on how she was going to provide the basic needs for her kids. Instead she could concentrate on her own mental health and getting back on her feet. 

Unfortunately this is just one of many stories with similar themes. You can join us in helping children get a healthy start to life by volunteering your time or donating to Eastside Baby Corner:



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