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Introducing Outsource Marketing’s Video Services

By September 20, 2010October 28th, 2022No Comments

. . . and Shawn Telford, our new Director. Here’s our intro video, peppered with a few select shots from his reel:

He’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you cry. He’ll make you say, “Did he really do that?” Regardless of the emotions he conjures, one thing’s certain, Shawn Telford knows how to get and keep an audience’s attention.

Shawn has an eye for the unusual—and a personality to match. So whether you need a TV spot, a company promo or a viral video, Shawn brings mad skills to every project.

Needless to say, our videos aren’t of the bland, talking head ilk.

View a few selected videos and learn about our video services that are more attitude, less platitude.

Ready for action? Contact us to learn more.

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