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Responsible Marketing

Overhaul your grad gifting habits

By June 4, 2015August 18th, 2021No Comments

Enough is enough, let’s do away with the useless, overpriced, and frankly unattractive grad gifts. This graduation season give a gift with a purpose.

In 2014 the average high school and college graduation gift averaged about $97.79. After combing websites dedicated to selling grad gifts, I’m not sure if this is money well spent. Many of these websites are selling flashy gifts like class rings, jewelry, cameras, sound systems, cell phones, computers, and various other products.

In fear of becoming a mindless consumer, we have to ask- are these really things that will set the graduate on the right foot?

Here at Outsource, one of our Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing is to be environmentally responsible, and to use earth friendly products whenever possible. So perhaps the perfect grad gift is something that would be both environmentally friendly, and helpful to their future endeavors. For example,

  • Sessions with a financial advisor
  • eBook on job search
  • Bicycle for commuting
  • Contribution to savings account
  • Stock
  • A meaningful experience
  • Donation to a charity supporting education in Third World countries
  • Gifts made from recycled materials

Be a responsible gift giver this graduation season! Their future depends on it.

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