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The Pepsi vs. Coke social good smackdown

By March 4, 2010October 27th, 2021No Comments

Coke vs. Pepsi

When Coke and Pepsi start being judged by their social responsibility as much as their taste (and their ads), you’ll know Responsible Marketing has arrived, right? Well, that time has come.

The Huffington Post recently ran an online poll pitting Pepsi’s Refresh Project Vs. Coke’s Live Positively campaigns.

The associated article does a great job laying out the differences between the campaigns, then left it up to readers to choose which campaign they preferred.

For marketers wanting to reach the younger generation, this makes sense:

This “conscious capitalism” has been a growing trend, and for good reason. A 2006 Millennial Cause Study by Cone Inc. and AMP Insights found that 69% of Millennials will consider a company’s social and environmental commitment when deciding where to shop, and a whopping 89% are likely to switch from one brand to another if the second brand is associated with a good cause. That’s powerful motivation for companies fighting for market share.

So, which campaign do you find most compelling?

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Image: Huffington Post

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