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Pressure, pressure. #CreativeSummer15

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“Everything tends toward entropy.” – The second law of Thermodynamics

Do you ever find that you’re more focused and productive – even creative – when your under the gun? Does it take a deadline for you to get off the couch and get things done?

Me too.

It seems we’re at war with an age-old law of physics. Matter is moving toward mess, and it’s near impossible to resist the clamoring current of chaos. But anyone of influence and leadership in this world has learned to defy the deluge of disorder. As the old clichè goes: “any fish can swim downstream.” Creating order – let alone beauty – takes a lot more than work.

It takes pressure.

Though it’s semi-counterintuitive, pressure in the form of deadlines, to-do lists, and ultimatums produces creativity. D. Westry, the self-proclaimed world’s fastest “speed painter,” is the perfect example of this. He produces precise paintings under pressure. Take a look:

While there’s no one secret to unlocking creativity…

You may try adding a little pressure.


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