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Heads-up, programmers. Your competition is 3 Years Old.

By July 17, 2017August 19th, 2020No Comments

With STEM becoming more important in schools, many believe that coding is the language of the future. And like any other language, we should start teaching it to our children as soon as they can crawl, blink or move.

Enter Cubetto: a toy for kids age 3 and up, which teaches kids to code at a young age. The kit includes a robot, a programming console and instruction tiles, allowing kids to follow a story or adventure through coding challenges. Based on a classic building block format, Cubetto makes it easy for children to put the pieces together, like legos, to make the robot move.

Cubetto takes coding off a screen, using tangible building blocks to show the fundamentals of coding. Your four-year-old might not be ready to build their own app after Cubetto, but the toy is meant to solidify the basics of coding and encourage logical thinking, even if your child doesn’t realize what they’re doing. What’s even better, educators love it too. 


Image credit: Primo Toys 



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