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Recycling: A Love Story

By September 16, 2009August 19th, 2020One Comment
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He’s a muscle-bound, rough and tough lover of all things manly. She’s a petite girly girl that loves a nice glass of Chianti and long walks on the beach under the moonlight.

Learn how they meet, and what happens if you don’t recycle.

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We dare you to litter in our parking lot. We double-dog-dare you.


This is the first of at least seven Responsible Marketing web shorts from Outsource Marketing. I say “at least” because we had so much fun doing these, we’ve already begun concept development on the next round.

As we launched our new responsible brand, we decided to crush any notions that Responsible Marketing might be boring—even prudish. Even the casual reader of this blog knows better.

While there are seven videos in this series, don’t expect them to focus solely on the Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing. Our goal wasn’t to preach responsibility.

Rather, it was to have some fun with the conflict every organization faces—that battle between commerce and conscience. Between doing the right thing or doing the other thing.

To accomplish this, we’ve put two characters you’ll know well into our everyday working environment to see how they’ll fare.  Eventually, we’ll cover all “Seven Keys,” but it will be subtle and not in this round.


The videos will be be posted weekly here on the blog and on most video sharing platforms. We’ve given special treatment to our Responsible Marketing YouTube Channel where I’ve favorited over 300 marketing videos over the last few years. Subscribe if you dig quality and/or controversial marketing vids.

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Thanks for watching, and whatever you do remember to “respect Mother Nature!”

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