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Responsible Marketing

Recycling: Not Enough

By February 5, 2013August 19th, 2020No Comments

recycled paper

So your office has one of those beautiful shiny blue recycling bins and you give yourself a pat on the back every time you recycle a document you printed, correct?

Well, sorry to say that’s not enough. Most offices have recycling bins so, well, you are no longer special. What you need to do now is take it a step further and limit the amount being recycled.

How? Challenge your employees to limit the amount they are printing. Keep client files electronic – you don’t need a paper copy of everything, do you? Share documents electronically. Email meeting agendas. Contact vendors to receive electronic invoices.  Eliminate paper towels, plates, and cups.

So next time you get a warm fuzzy when you actually make that shot into the recycling bin, ask yourself, “Why was that paper in my hand in the first place?”

Read more about Environmental Responsibility in our white paper:  The Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing.

And just for fun, watch this:

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