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Responsible Marketing

Responsible or not? Biker Babe Marketing

By September 4, 2008April 13th, 2021One Comment

Biker Babe Marketing

As marketers, we’re always looking for creative ways to break through.

Biker Babe Marketing is doing just that by putting babes on Harleys, then having them drive around with their client’s ads on signs attached to their bikes.

Hey, sex sells and this surely has people talking.

But since the medium is the message, it’s clear this form of advertising isn’t for every company.

But in your opinion, should it be for any company?

What types of businesses is this best suited for?

Worst suited for?

Comment below to share.

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  • Knatchwa says:

    Similar to putting ads on a bicycle, it could work quite well but in driving a harley with a beautiful femme, That would be a fine idea I must say, a unique plan of action.

    It should be interesting to see how this develops. Thanks for the insight.

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