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Responsible or not? CIT’s college recruiting video

By February 20, 2012January 21st, 20214 Comments

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  • Who could they possibly offend or upset? God? Irresponsible teleporters? Dudes who wear beanies?

    The style of their video is gory. Yes. So are many films, television shows, commercials, cigarette box images and so on. “Gone too far” is completely relative to the context. This in an online video targeted at an audience that has seen more lewd, crude and horrible images than all of our ancestors put together. Thanks internet.

    Good adverting is memorable and the techniques used to create this effect are as appropriate at the context they are delivered.

    Context of the internet, for the given demographic, means this clip is fine.

    I’m off to go watch a wild animal eat someone’s face off.


  • unknown says:

    i think that it is excellent form of advertising, i fit into the age bracket of who they are aiming and it gets my attention. I think that in today’s society to get attention especially though advertising you need to do something that is shocking, outgoing and comedic and they have achieved that.

    otherwise people just don’t take that much notice

  • Ellen S. says:

    Is all there is to advertising getting attention and being memorable? Isn’t advertising supposed to be part of the brand development process, too? I don’t know enough about CIT’s strategy or brand platform to know if this was a good ad or not. This is definitely a bold ad – and it has a youthfulness to it that is seems like it is what they would be going for. But if this is a radical departure from everything else they put out into the world, and brings themes and personality that aren’t supported by the rest of the brand, then I would say it’s not a good ad.

    I personally didn’t like the ad (I’m definitely not into gore) but I’m not the target demographic.

    However, I don’t think we should judge an ad based solely on whether it’s different and boundary-pushing. The point of an ad isn’t to be memorable. Memorability is the means with which to drive business and growth.

  • Guest says:

    Is all there is to advertising getting attention and being memorable?”

    Well shit, how much more do you want? I live in Perth and know this institute and it’s great, hits the target demographic perfectly, and strongly conveys their key message: it’s fun to study in the city. The only kind of person that wouldn’t like this ad is one that wouldn’t go to CIT anyway. No loss.

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