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Responsible Marketing

Responsible or not? Using sex to sell recyling

By April 4, 2008August 19th, 20202 Comments

Eko-Kom wants to encourage recycling. And sex sells. So why not use sex to sell recycling?

Nothing indecent here, but the sexual overtones aren’t muted, either.

So what do you think?

Responsible Marketing or not?

Comment below to weigh in.

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Inspiration for this post came from @adrants on Twitter

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  • katyasag says:

    Our society has become so dim witted and easily modable that unfortunately it does take primitive tactics like sex to encourage recycling habits. People always need something catchy to lure them into a behavior. If you look at Behaviorism it shows how reinforcement of some kind increases the frequency of an organisms behavior. The advertising agency blatantly takes advantage of this phenomenon while humans sit back and let themselves be conditioned. We should be the ones to be ashamed of not the advertising agencies. The advertisers are the ones who actually have some wits about them….

  • giggle! says:

    Whatever it takes baby!

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